About me


The Oleander-leaf Protea (Protea laurifolia); photo by Martina Treurnicht.

Understanding and documenting the flora of the Cape Floristic Region (CFR, South Africa), a global biodiversity hotspot of conservation priority, is my passion and interest. I am a vegetation ecologist, self-proclaimed Fynbosser, and an amateur botanist. In general terms, curious about diversity and resilience of the natural world, notably, plant strategies (e.g. survival and reproduction) in fire-prone environments.

Currently, I am intrigued by the large-scale dynamics of the charismatic Cape Proteaceae – the ‘flagship’ plant family of the Cape Floristic Region. Read more here.

Building bridges between academia and conservation – this is what I like to pursue in my research and non-academic life. Throughout my early career, I worked with various stakeholders in the CFR: farmers, academic staff, researchers, school groups, national- and provincial conservation and research institutes and non-profit organisations. I am also involved with international research organisations and their ongoing research activities in the CFR. The context around such collaboration is something that I embrace and thoroughly enjoy.